Why Does My Water Taste Funny?

Randy McIff, a water treatment expert at ATS Innova, discusses the reason behind why does your water taste funny, and the underlying causes of these abnormal tastes.

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From the Video:

My name is Randy McIff and I’m the Director of Water and Waste Water Treatment with ATS. I’ve been a water treater for over 30 years and I’ve worked in the industrial and municipal sides of business both pre- and post-treatment.

Why does my water taste funny is a question I get asked a lot. Tasting funny is a factor of a lot of things, some things in the water. The typical things we get complaints about are Geosmin and MIB. We can convert that very quickly to a product that your body isn’t going to notice and so it doesn’t taste bad or smell bad to you, and it’s completely harmless. We’d like to show you how to do that.

Now if you’re a homeowner and you’re watching this, the thing to do is to make sure your community knows that your water doesn’t taste as good as it used to. They need to hear that from you and there probably is a water complaint line.

If you’re a water plant operator, you need to know that we can make this much easier for you and it doesn’t have to be an ordeal that’s expensive where you’re having to notify people of the things you’re doing. We can stop that program in its tracks. We have customers that we’ve been able to literally stop all complaints within one day of treatment.

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