Bioaugmentation Wastewater Treatment

Introducing the Innova MB™ Product Line

Recent advancements in bioaugmentation science have resulted in dramatic improvements in bacteria culture applications. Innova’s MB product line offers unique bioaugmentation blends for a wide variety of applications and industries, including bioaugmentation wastewater treatment.

These specialized blends are highly effective for numerous treatment applications and industrial sectors. Innova MB products use a balance of six or seven Bacillus strains (in various ratios, depending on the application) together with a proprietary blend of ingredients that enhance the ability of microbial communities to degrade organic material in wastewater.

Proven Performance

Innova MB products increase capacities and organic conversion rates in bioaugmentation wastewater treatment; they also increase floc formation and settling characteristics while decreasing COD/BOD levels.

Your facility will see maintainable improvement by reducing odor generation from volatile fatty acids, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ammonia, and other amines. Innova MB is even stable enough to respond effectively to fluctuations in your facility’s load and flow.

Innova MB products improve your plant’s performance by reducing sludge yields and decreasing your reliance on dewatering polymers, flocculants, and other costly chemistry.

A Comprehensive Approach

Sustainable wastewater bioaugmentation involves more than just pouring in some miracle product; it requires understanding microbial science and applying a comprehensive approach to each location’s specific problems. For microbes to work effectively, the proper scheduling, dosage, environmental conditions, equipment functionality, testing, etc. must be applied.

A single solution is rarely the fix. ATS Innova’s comprehensive approach embraces the operations, engineering, water chemistry, and biology behind effective wastewater treatment.

Lift Stations

Until now wastewater facilities have had very few options to deal with lift station corrosion, solids buildup, and FOG (fats, oils, and grease) accumulation. New breakthroughs in bioaugmentation wastewater treatment provide a safe and effective treatment solution without the ongoing and costly JetVac maintenance service.

Sludge Tanks

Innova MB is highly effective at breaking down organic material that collects in sludge tanks. Innova’s microbes improve your digestion and dewatering processes—significantly reducing your sludge disposal, as well as your reliance on polymers and man-hours to stay ahead of your sludge problems. With microbial-improved digestion, your odors, H2S production, and corrosion will also be greatly reduced.

Grease Traps

If it was your job to clean out the grease traps, you’d quickly look for another solution. Carefully-selected fat and grease-eating microbes efficiently digest thick, reoccurring fat caps— keeping floats and pumps fully operational without the need for constant cleanings. Innova MB-200 can dramatically reduce your number of costly grease trap cleanouts.

Ponds and Lagoons

Innova MB-400 helps to increase dissolved oxygen, improve clarity, and reduce nutrient buildup in surface water. Clogged filters and aerators limit the performance of your equipment, increase mechanical stress, and result in less-than-desirable wastewater output. Innova MB-400 significantly promotes the biological oxidation of your wastewater—resulting in reduced processing times, less equipment wear and tear, and fewer surface water cleanings and maintenance.

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