Total Organic Carbon

Consumer Confidence

Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water per day. Some fitness experts challenge clients to drink a gallon or more every day. Either way, your customers need to have confidence that the water they’re ingesting is safe—ultimately that means you need to keep your total organic carbon (TOC) numbers low.

TOC Talk

Are you removing enough TOC?

You know the drill—during the water purification process, disinfectants combine with previously harmless organic compounds to create new, harmful byproducts. The EPA has determined safe levels of these disinfection byproducts for consumers, so your best course of action is to limit TOC in your water in the first place, so there’s fewer compounds to combine with chlorine during the purification process.

TOC Answer

If you’re having trouble meeting the DBP Stage 2 standards, or if your THM and HAA5 counts are nearing EPA maximum limits, we’ve got a solution for you.

Innova’s unique chemistry and industry-recognized experts will rid your water of organic compounds before they get through your headworks, which in turn will reduce your THM and HAA5 levels too. Lower DBPs aren’t the only benefit of our service—getting your chemistry and doses fine-tuned by Innova will result in impressive cost savings as well.