Sludge Reduction and Dewatering

The Biosolid Dilemma

Sludge—or the better-sounding biosolids—is an unavoidable product of wastewater treatment. As long as your wastewater treatment plant is processing water from toilets, sinks and other places, you’re obviously going to end up with some form of sludge.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the situation.

Sludge Production

Are you hauling away too much sludge? Is your sludge too water-laden?

You need to meet Part 503 requirements. You care about properly treating wastewater. You want your plant to run as efficiently as possible. You’d like to save money.

If you’re hauling away truckloads of sludge every day, we’ve got a better process for you. If you want to reduce the water in your biosolids, we’ve got an answer.

Our Solution

Innova’s chemistry will significantly reduce the sludge produced at your wastewater treatment plant. The sludge at most plants is only 12 to 13 percent solids. Our specialty polymers will increase that to 16 to 18 percent, resulting in much less water.

Our specialty chemistry will reduce your sludge so much that you may only need to haul it away once a week or so—saving you time and money.