Surface Water

Water Challenges

Algae, quagga mussels, organic matter, bacteria, zebra mussels—these are major challenges of surface water. More and more municipalities are turning to surface water as a drinking water source, and they’re running into issues with taste and odor and more because of the unique challenges of the source.

We’ve got the solution.

Revolutionary Chemistry

Our premier algaecide Mainstream 635 may as well be called a miracle worker. It destroys algal blooms, eradicates mussels so they never make it into your pipes, kills bacteria, reduces organic matter, and improves taste and odor. It’s the most successful algae treatment in the world—you’ll see the difference overnight.

Mainstream 635 is 99.99 percent biologically active, so it won’t pollute the environment. It’s designed for use in reservoirs, ponds, lakes, canals, and other water systems. It’s safe for humans, fish, and wildlife. It’s also rated safe for drinking water.

Real Results

One treatment of ATS’s unique chemistry will kill more than 70 percent of invasive mussels. And with a follow-up treatment, we’ll virtually get them all. We treated two reservoirs in North Carolina. The results: algae reduced, TOC reduction, and manganese improved. In a slow-moving river in Tampa, Florida, our treatment reduced geosmin from 900 ng/L to less than 30 ng/L within 24 hours of treatment. At a 2,900-acre reservoir in Oklahoma City, within 48 hours of treatment, the anabaena count went from more than 50 cells/mL to 0 cells/mL.

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