Taste and Odor

Pure, Clean

Water is one of the few drinks that should taste like nothing; no one wants the water that comes out of their taps to have a unpleasant taste or odor. Even though the smell or taste may be harmless, consumers will immediately think their water is unsafe. So if your water gets to customers with an annoying scent or taste, you can expect your phone to start ringing off the hook.

Diagnosis and Rx

Our expert consultants will do a detailed analysis of your water plant and pinpoint what’s causing the taste and odor problems. ATS has a specialty-blended chemistry for every water situation so once the team pinpoints the problem, they’ll start applying the solution.

Copper sulfate algaecides are rated safe for use in drinking water. And they’re 99.99 percent biologically active, so it doesn’t harm the environment. They’re highly soluble, low pH algaecides/bactericides created for use in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, irrigation canals, sedimentation basins, treatment lagoons and other water systems. And they don’t affect water taste—they actually fixe taste and odor problems.

Problem Solved

The application will quickly, easily and economically solve the issue. Water users will go back to getting clear, smell-free and tasteless water. And you’ll stop getting phone calls from angry and concerned customers. Your water plant will be a customer for life.