Optimal Performance

As the population increases, so does the demand on wastewater services. Do you want more solids and less water in your sludge? Would you like to haul away fewer truckloads of sludge? Do you want to save money?

Dewater, Reduce

Your processes have been producing sludge that meets all the Part 503 rules, it’s free of heavy metals, and safe for disposal. But it’s only 12 to 13 percent solids, and you’re hauling away truckloads of it every single day.

Our high-quality specialty polymers out-perform the less-effective, run-of-the-mill products. They’ll give you sludge with 16 to 18 percent solids, instead of the lower content that you’ve been dealing with. Our ACH/polymer blends will reduce your backwash sludge by a factor of three or four.

Our new dewatering applications will increase the solids content in your sludge, giving you thicker sludge that you’ll have to haul away less often.

The Results

Handling sludge is expensive, especially if it’s too water-laden. Our team of industry-recognized experts will give you a plan to improve your wastewater plant’s performance. With our specialty chemistry and protocols, you’ll only need to haul away sludge once a week or so, saving you time and money.

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