Water Treatment Plants

Pure Water

You want your customers to rate your drinking water as the best, purest, and safest in the world. So when you’ve got taste and odor complaints, problems with disinfection byproducts, bacteria, or algae or mussels infiltrating your system, you want the problems solved ASAP.

The Right Chemistry

We’ve got the chemistry that will destroy algae and bacteria, fix issues with DBPs, kill mussels, and make your water taste and smell like nothing. Our chemistry is safe for the environment, and won’t harm anyone or anything.

Our expert team will take water samples and have them lab tested, so we can produce the best chemistry and application recommendations, customized for you. We’ll evaluate your equipment and facility, so we can develop the best protocols for you.

Real Savings

Once we implement your treatment plan with customized chemistry, you’ll start seeing the cost savings.

A water treatment plant in the Southwest U.S. is saving $1.4 million annually because it implemented our chemistry and protocols. A plant in Texas started saving $1,250 per day with our help.

The right chemistry will result in the best-tasting, safest water with real savings for your water treatment plant.

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