Reduced Maintenance

Common Chemicals

The same chemicals have been used in water treatment for nearly 100 years, providing reliable, safe water for consumers.

But these chemicals are incredibly corrosive and damage or destroy equipment. Changing your process and chemistry will save your equipment and improve your bottom line.

Destructive Chemistry

Sodium hypochlorite is a common chemical used in the water purification process. It also will eat away concrete and steel, and glass over injection quills. The constant repairs and maintenance because of the corrosive chemistry cost you time as well as money to replace or fix damaged equipment.

Chemistry Solution

If you’ve got scale-buildup from chemical use, or your injection quills glass over every week or two, Innova can help.

We will evaluate your plant and put together a plan with the right chemistry to save your gear. Our anti-scalants will scrape the buildup on your equipment, and our scale-inhibited bleach will keep scaling from even forming.

Whatever your maintenance issue, our water-treatment experts will formulate a process with the right chemistry to reduce your maintenance, saving time and money.