Industrial Water

Our Process

Industrial water has its own challenges and issues. We’ll listen to your problems and concerns, then determine the best chemistry and protocols to treat your water and keep you in compliance with government regulations—all while saving you money.

Different Water

We understand that your water is different. It’s not being treated to be drinking water. And it’s not combined with sewage that needs to be treated. You’re using it for fabricating, processing, diluting or washing or in another part of your system.

But even though you’re not treating it for human consumption—or after human consumption—we know you can still run into problems.

Different Solutions

If your water is scaling up your steam boilers, damaging your pipes or corroding your cooling towers, it’s costing you time and money to repair or replace your equipment, as well as the added fuel costs because your equipment isn’t running at optimal levels. And if your equipment isn’t working right, your end product may not be up to the quality that you and your customers expect. We can help.

Our chemistry also can make your effluent water reusable in many cases, saving you money through lower consumption, less cost for discharged water and lower energy costs due to heat recovery in the recycled water.

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