Algae and Bacteria

Algae Killer

When state health officials closed a popular reservoir in Herriman, Utah, in 2015 because of an algal bloom, city leaders wanted the fastest, most successful algae killer so they could get the lake reopened. So they called ATS Innova because of its proven clean water solutions.

ATS’s team of experts investigated the problem, formulated a custom solution, and treated the reservoir. The water cleared up over the weekend, and the state reopened Blackridge Reservoir. The city continues to use our products to prevent another algal bloom.

There’s no reason to wait—and let the local economy suffer—when there’s an algal bloom.

Best Chemistry

Your customers depend on you to deliver safe, clean, and clear water straight to their taps. The last thing you—or they—need is bacteria contaminating their drinking water or algae clogging up your system and polluting your product.

ATS offers the best service with the most successful bacteria and algae treatment in the world—you will see the difference overnight.

Our custom blend of specialty chemicals attacks and kills algae and bacteria and is safe to use in drinking water. It also won’t harm people, animals or fish.

These highly soluble, low-pH algaecide/bactericides are designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sedimentation basins, irrigation canals, treatment lagoons, and other water systems. Our custom-blended chemicals are registered by the U.S. EPA as an algaecide/bactericide and are certified to NSF Standard 60 as an addition to drinking water.

Thorough Process

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your water treatment plant, implement our recommended chemistry, and the dangerous bacteria and harmful algae will disappear. You’ll even see significant cost reductions that come from using our specialty blends. You’ll be a customer for life.