Water Concerns

Long Term Clean Water Solutions

The clean water issue gets more and more attention as both natural and man-made contaminates become more complex and invasive. Many in the industry continue to do what they have always done; however, they are finding that the tried-and-true methods are often falling short. You’ll be pleased with the results of our high-performance chemistry program along with the service of our industry-recognized experts. We provide you long-term value and solutions that solve your most pressing problems.

Algae and Bacteria

Innova offers the most successful combatant treatment of bacterial and algae in the world—you will see the difference overnight. Once a water treatment plant undergoes a detailed analysis and implements our recommended chemistry, dangerous bacteria is eradicated, and harmful algae disappear.

Disinfection Byproducts

Naturally occurring organic matter are not hazardous by themselves, but combined with a disinfectant they produce byproducts that can pose serious health concerns, including cancer.

Total Organic Carbon

Innova offers water-treatment solutions that greatly reduce the use of chlorine-related disinfectants, lowering the total organic carbons (TOC) and thus resulting in significant reductions in TTHM and HAA5 levels.

Taste and Odor

T&O issues are some of the first indications that something is wrong. Innova can quickly and economically remove the elements that are causing these problems and give communities and your customers better tasting clean drinking water, on a consistent and sustainable basis at a lower cost than carbon.

Invasive Mussels

Innova’s custom-blended chemistry kills zebra and quagga mussels, yet it remains safe for drinking water and for humans, animals, and fish. With only one treatment of our unique chemistry, we can kill more than 70 percent of these invaders, and with a follow-up treatment all, virtually all the mussels are eliminated.

Sludge Reduction and Dewatering

Innova’s specialty chemistry can reduce your sludge to such an extent that you may need to remove sludge only once every week or so. Our sludge-reducing chemistry saves time and labor cost of hauling and greatly reduces backwashes and time spent cleaning filtration systems.

Reduced Maintenance

Some water treatment processes can eat away concrete and steel, other products can glass over your injection quills. Innova can solve all these issues, reducing water treatment plant labor.