As ATS Brazil continues to grow within the water treatment industry, we are happy to announce the signing of a contract for TwinOxide distribution. The product is an advanced and unique delivery system of two powder products working in tandem with water.

How Does TwinOxide Work for Water Treatment Disinfection?

The magic of TwinOxide is in the marrying of two products that when applied to water, reacts to a stable chlorine dioxide solution, helping eliminate microorganisms. With superior disinfection power, you can easily store the product for five years. Effective against all microorganisms, TwinOxide is easy to use and simple to apply. Some advantages include:


  • Stable solution
  • Selective oxidizer, meaning it doesn’t react with e.g. ammonia
  • Explosion-proof
  • Effective iron and manganese removal
  • Limited sewage load
  • High disinfection efficiency
  • Eco-friendly with no production of carcinogenic or undesirable DBP’s
  • Successful removal of biofilms
  • No resistance building by microorganisms

Where You Can Use TwinOxide Distribution

The ATS team is undergoing training and qualification to acquire the best knowledge of the product, which is suitable for industries in various sectors. ATS do Brazil started testing the product in large multinational food industries with successful results; these industries include meat and milk producers, with the food industry in general. The product works for the beverage company, paint industry, automotive industry, along with hospitals, clinics, laboratories, fruit farms, and more. TwinOxide distribution can also be used in small water treatment plants.

Reinaldo Stelzer, manager of ATS do Brasil, is excited about the contract and what it means for ATS in general, saying that even though they just got the product, it is already selling. “This partnership with TwinOxide of the Netherlands is starting out successful, and will help  leverage ATS Brasil sales, as we continue with subsequent contracts.”

One of the features of TwinOxide is that it doesn’t generate THM (Trihalomethanes), HAA (Haloacetic acids), or AOX (Adsorbable Organic Halides) products. The pH level also remains intact and the contact time is very fast. Because it works for 72 hours, it prevents the growth of microorganisms.

Contact ATS Innova for TwinOxide

We’d love to talk with you about your concerns or issues you may have regarding water treatment and TwinOxide distrubtion. ATS Innova and ATS do Brasil has a mission that includes Improving LIFE One Drop at a Time, by being Stewards of Humanity. Please contact us at 855.215.4600; we hope to offer you the most advanced and effective solutions on the market.

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