Just as probiotics work to correct health issues in the gut, it can do the same for wastewater treatment. Probiotics make up very small organic molecules that improves existing microbial activity in wastewater; they reduce sludge, cut down on odor, and control BOD and COD levels. Still, you need to have a few elements before probiotics will work for your water treatment. Discover what they are and other benefits to using water treatment probiotics for enhanced performance.

History of Probiotics for Wastewater Treatment

In a previous blog post, we briefly discussed nano-molecular carbon dating back to the 70’s. Scientists discovered a material, rich in organic acids and minerals that increased the mineral content of plants and sped up nutrient uptake. Fast forward to the early 80’s when a process called Micro Carbon Technology® took off in wastewater treatment. This technology makes up a unique foundation ingredient, along with other elements used in probiotics. Products comprised of concentrated liquid were developed for maximum microbial stimulation in wastewater to:


  • Control BOD/COD/FOG levels
  • Reduce sludge
  • Cut down on odor
  • Improve performance
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Do much more!


Since then, advancements in technology allowed for increased wastewater treatment performance. And since ATS Innova partnered with Probiotic Solutions, it’s enabled us to capitalize on the benefits of these products. We can continue guiding management to boost their treatment and save money in the process.

Will Probiotics for Me?

If you have just two things, biological activity and time for the products to work, consider probiotics for your water or wastewater treatment. With ATS Innova’s line of water treatment probiotics, our team of water experts analyze the unique needs of each wastewater facility. Because our products are broad-spectrum biostimulants, they increase metabolism, growth, and activity of a wide range of microbes.

Applied probiotics starts at the plant and works their way through aeration basins, through clarifiers, and in wastewater after entering the lagoon. You can use them in rivers and natural waterways to fix a plethora of water issues, as well as aid in staying compliant with regulations. The benefits you see from using probiotics include increasing the throughput of treatment plants by quick biosolids reduction. It improves the settleability and promotes dissolved oxygen, thus transferring cost savings in several operational areas, including:


  • Sludge hauling
  • Dredging
  • Aeration
  • Adding polymers


Nano-molecular carbon technology helps in many industries and contacting ATS Innova enables us to let operators know the correct product and application for your specific needs.

Let ATS Innova Help You

To learn more about our full line of water treatment probiotics and their specialized blends of synergistic ingredients, contact us at 855.215.4600. Our team will schedule your FREE plant walkthrough, where we identify any problems you have. Our goal is helping you increase your treatment efficacy while saving money in the process. Call and let us guide you in choosing the best products, at the right dosage, for maximum performance.

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