You’ve got algae filling up your settling basin and clogging your wastewater system. Maybe quagga mussels have taken up residence in your equipment. Or are you producing too much sludge at your wastewater treatment plant? You have a wastewater treatments problem.

Whatever the issue is, you (and your bosses) likely are worried about what it’s going to cost to fix the problem, and how long the solution will take. Worry no more—Innova has a smart solution that will fix your problem. Whether your issue involves wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, surface water treatment or another process water treatment, our solutions will make you a water treatment rockstar.

Wastewater Treatments

Our expert consultants have decades of experience treating the full spectrum of water issues, and we have the solution for you. Following the standard, tried-and-true methods often falls short as natural and man-made water contaminates and issues become more and more complex. So we’ve built a full suite of specialty chemistry and applications that can be customized to fit your unique problems.

Algae or Bacteria

If your problem is algae or bacteria—or both, we’ve got the most successful combatant treatment of bacteria and algae in the world. After we apply this product, you’ll see the difference overnight. Plus, it’s safe to be used in drinking water and won’t harm people or wildlife.

Quagga or Zebra Mussels

If your problem is mussels, our custom-blended chemistry is safe for drinking water, humans and wildlife, and it destroys invasive mussels. With one treatment we can kill more than 70 percent of the invaders; we’ll get virtually all of them with a follow-up treatment.

We’ll pinpoint what’s causing the smell and taste issues, apply our specialty chemistry, and your problem will disappear. And your phone fall silent.

And if your issue is sludge? We can fix it. Our specialty chemistry can reduce the sludge output at your wastewater plant so much that you may go from hauling away two or more truckloads every day to once every week or so.

Sludge, algae, mussels, and taste and odor are just a sampling of the problems our expert consultants at Innova can solve with our innovative, custom chemistry, including wastewater treatments.

Our Methods

We start by listening and working with you, then investigate the issues and give you a plan of action.

One of our customers, a water treatment plant (40 MGD) in the U.S. came to us for help. We listened and worked alongside the plant’s team, created custom-blended chemicals and outlined new protocols. Now the plant saves more than $1.4 million annually because of our work.

When we’re evaluating your issues, we take into account your equipment, current chemistry, water source, processing output, season and climate, fish and wildlife, consumer comments, and managerial concerns and goals. After we’ve implemented a plan, we continue to monitor the situation, to ensure optimal performance.

Once we’ve reviewed your wastewater plant, surface water or other facility and gathered all the critical data, we’ll create a custom, money-saving wastewater treatments program for you.

Water treatment problems and issues are constantly changing, becoming more and more complex. We give our customers smart, customized solutions to keep up with the ever-changing clean-water world—that also save time and money. Give us a call at 800-747-9953 today to start making positive changes at your facility.


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