As a water treatment plant, your job is taking the waste from your customer’s property and treating it, so you can recycle it and use it again. Your customers couldn’t care less what happens after they flush their toilet or use their sink. In fact, they probably have no clue what a flocculant is or what a polymer does, right? All you know is that your responsibility lies in meeting strict requirements and having less sludge, and more thickness is your goal. This is where polymer water treatment comes in – particularly polymer blends.

Polymer blends or polymer mixtures are a blend of an inorganic and organic polymer or a coagulant and a flocculent.  When combined, they create a new material that has different physical properties. These blends reduce TOC. (Total Organic Carbon)

Could it be Your Polymer?

Your use of a single polymer water treatment has been good, but the cost is high, and the performance could be better. If your sludge contains too much water, something’s wrong, especially if you’re hauling away truckloads of sludge daily. So, what can you do? Change the formula to include a polymer blend and reduce your chemical cost as much as 80 percent? Sounds about right. Using a polymer water treatment blend has been shown to save companies money and increase their results.

We conducted a case study in Wellton, AZ., where the Innova team used jar testing. The results showed the Wellton plant could eliminate both its alum and current polymer, allowing a greatly-reduced need for sludge removal. In fact, the run-time between cleaning was exponentially increased from one day to one week using our polymer blends! We also saved them 61 percent by switching to our high-performance polymer blend, improving both their water quality and filter run times.

Benefits of Blended Polymer Water Treatment

Polymer blends have been studied extensively because of their practical and theoretical importance. As a hybrid, we can change the properties and allow for a more potent product that performs better and with less application.

When you use ATS Innova’s polymer blends, there are several benefits, including:


  • A stronger coagulant, therefore, less product usage
  • Reduced cost, because of the increase from 12-13 percent solids to 16-18 percent solids, thus thicker water-laden sludge you can remove
  • Easy application
  • Safety of our chemistry
  • Overall less sludge
  • Increased bottom line
  • Reduced backwash sludge by a factor or three to four
jar testing for polymer water treatment

What We Can Offer You

We sell quite a few polymer blends for phosphate removal and more that incorporates the most effective ingredients at ATS Innova. Whatever problem you have, contact us for the solution! We can help save you time, reduce product usage, and best of all, reduce your cost! We would be happy to discuss with you, your concerns or questions. You can reach us at 855-215-4600.

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