Rare earth metals have been used for thousands of years for many uses. One of the applications includes treating wastewater, specifically regarding phosphorus removal. Phos58, a rare earth chloride solution with high performance, is a water-soluble coagulant that has a very strong attraction to phosphorus. Its targeted reaction greatly reduces the amount of product needed to achieve the desired level of phosphorus in the plant effluent waste stream. Discover how this unique rare earth metal changes how water treatment plants operate and how traditional commodity chemicals is not enough to remove enough phosphorus to be in compliance with new regulations.

Features of Rare Earth Metal Phos58

All too often, facilities think using more of a product is the solution when traditional chemicals such as alum and ferric just won’t cut it; however, that’s not always the case. Instead, increasing the dosage raises the product and handling costs and adds more sludge – among other issues. With Phos58, you need not worry about those issues. Some of the great features of Phos58 include:


  • Cost-effective for achieving amazingly low phosphorus levels
  • Less damaging to infrastructure and mechanical equipment
  • Won’t form metal hydroxide clouds – common with iron or aluminum salts
  • Produces a lot less sludge compared to commodity chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly


Using a balanced approach to phosphorus removal is most effective. Removing phosphate includes physical, chemical, and biological treatment technologies. ATS Innova takes this balanced approach to the next level with Phos58. We don’t just dose more chemical; we determine the best chemical strategy for phosphate removal at each unique plant. Our water experts assess the current situation and work to guide you in the best treatment solution.

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Benefits of Using Phos58 for Surface Water Treatment

You can derive several benefits from using Phos58 in wastewater operations. Not only does it reduce or remove phosphorus in natural waters dealing with algal blooms, as a result, the rare earth metal:

  • Reduces sludge production with less dosing
  • Enhances coagulation for tertiary treatment
  • Decreases dewatering chemical dosage
  • Improves biogas and methane production

Phos58 improves performance by saving on costly mechanical or infrastructure upgrades when using ATS Innova’s smart solutions.

Learn More About Rare Earth Chemical Phos58 with ATS Innova

If you would like to learn about Phos58 and how it can help with your wastewater treatment operations, we’d love to hear from you! Call us at 800.747.9953 to schedule your FREE plant walk-through. Our highly trained and friendly water experts will guide you to the best treatments available, ensuring your operations run smoothly and effectively.

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