Wastewater bioaugmentation, having been around for decades, is a way to improve the reduction of organic solids and odors. Advancements in environmental biotechnology allow for designing of better, more effective products. The result is the introduction of ATS Innova MB™ product line which proves to be better, with cost reduction as an added benefit.

Old Bioaugmentation

In the past, bioaugmentation was used for waste activated sludge, which contains naturally occurring microorganisms that biodegrade a variety of pollutants. However, some pollutants resisted the microbes due to bad products being fermented from random chemicals. It became a hit and miss situation, and with the lack of technology, prevented us from controlling the specific microbes.

Many wastewater treatment plants used enzymes, but those also proved non-effective due to restrictions to the soil, surface, and groundwater, thus setting limits as a full-scale wastewater treatment.

Now, we combine several strains of scientifically selected or genetically-chosen microbes to combat the most important wastewater issues. Our microbiological treatment program includes products that make their own enzymes specifically targeted for reducing organic solids, odors, and microbially-induced corrosion.

New Bioaugmentation

The major change in bioaugmentation was the development of specialized blends of microbes. The microbiology is used in a wide variety of industries and applications and is a staple in our Innova MB line. Our treatment program provides highly-effective treatment applications, using six to seven synergistic bacillus strains, creating the perfect solution.

Depending on the application, we use various ratios with a complimentary blend that enhance the ability of microbial communities to degrade organic material in wastewater. You could say we choose the winning combination of players that target your needs exactly with products created from the ground up. And because our treatment program is cost-effective and highly efficient, it takes the stress and pressure off wastewater management to experiment with different products, hoping to get one right.

With proven performance that increases organic conversion rates and capacity, Innova MB also increases settling traits and floc formation while decreasing COD/BOD levels. We take a comprehensive approach to treat wastewater, instead of just pouring in a product and hoping it will work. We look at two main factors when deciding what product is best for your situation: environmental conditions and water chemistry.

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Learn About ATS Innova MB Products

We designed our line of highly-effective quality products for sludge tanks, grease traps, lift stations, as well as ponds and lagoons. Reduce solids buildup, corrosion, and FOG accumulation while saving on operational costs. Contact ATS Innova today at 855.215.4600. for your FREE plant analysis! We would love to hear about your unique water needs and how we can help.

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