Wastewater treatment continues to be a challenge and will always be one – however, if you’re dealing with less than the best treatment, it may be time to re-think your solutions. Nano-Molecular Carbon is at the forefront of many advanced solutions with ATS Innova leading the charge. Learn more about nanotechnology and how it can change how you treat wastewater now and in the future.

What is Nano-Molecular Carbon?

An extremely small proprietary blend of organic carbon and oxygen-rich molecules greatly enhances existing microbial activity in wastewater, making up nano-molecular carbon. It’s revolutionizing the way ATS Innova does business and allows wastewater treatment facilities to save money and man-hours in the long run. Nano-molecular carbon, in the form of Probiotics, is formulated from processed and refined leonardite which is composed of organic and mineral-rich compounds. It’s nothing like what’s seen on the market and is the future of wastewater treatment.

ATS Nano-Molecular Carbon Products

Because we partner with Probiotic Solutions®, we can offer a number of products that offer the best in wastewater treatment, such as:


  • ATS_Innova_BioGenesis®_TDS (stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria in water)
  • ATS_Innova_BioGenesis_II®_TD (improves soil structure and stimulates soil bacteria)
  • ATS_Innova_BioEnergizer® (reduces sludge, odor, BOD/COD, and FOG)
  • ATS_Innova_Micatrol®_TDS (neutralizes chemicals)
  • …And more

ATS Innova’s line of nano-molecular carbon products is scientifically proven for maximum microbial stimulation in wastewater that:


  • Cuts down on odor
  • Controls Bio-Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Reduces sludge
  • Decreases FOG levels


Our products improve water quality and COD levels without introducing harsh chemicals – and all naturally. In soil remediation, Probiotics improve overall soil health and vitality, while reducing petroleum contamination and chemicals. With proven technology, we produce better results with less product application.

Contact ATS Innova for Nano-Molecular Carbon

We’d love to discuss with you your wastewater treatment issues and nano-molecular carbon, so please contact us at 855.215.4600. We offer a FREE plant walkthrough where we identify problems and suggest smart solutions for your circumstances. Our water experts will ensure you get the best treatment possible at the best prices. Call us today for more information and to schedule your walkthrough.

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