Have you ever wondered about the impact of uncontrolled biological growth in water systems? Non-pathogenic microbes can consume disinfectant residual, promote biofilm harboring pathogens, and promote corrosion to systems. However, microbial monitoring in water systems gives you a leg-up on identifying microorganisms, which then allows you to treat them with the best solutions – and often, within minutes. Read how we have collaborated with LuminUltra in combating many water treatment challenges.

What is ATP and How does it Relate to Water Monitoring?

ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, is the primary carrier of all life forms, from bacteria to animal cells. When you measure ATP concentration in a sample, it provides a direct measurement of biological concentration and health. There are two different types of ATP:


  • Intra-cellular or Cellular ATP (cATP), which is ATP contained within living biological cells.
  • Extra-celluar or Dissolved ATP (dATP) – the exterior release of dead or stressed organisms in biological cells of ATP.


Together, they make up Total ATP (tATP) and are dependent on the application used, including:


  • Drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Paints
  • Solid samples
  • Cooling towers
  • Oil and gas


By measuring and differentiating both types of ATP, we get a true assessment of the activity and health of microbes in water.

What is LuminUltra and How does it Help Water Treatment?

LuminUltra provides microbial monitoring technology that delivers real-time measurement of all living microorganisms in less than five minutes, ending microbial uncertainty in your water. The technology is field-ready and versatile enough to be applied to nearly any industry and sample type.

LuminUltra microbial monitoring combines state-of-the-art 2nd Generation ATP testing methods. You may think if you already test for microorganisms, using heterotrophic plant counts (HPCs), you don’t need these solutions, however, because HPCs take days to complete and only measures 1% or less of living microorganisms, the efficacy of these methods is minimal. With ATS Innova smart solutions and LuminUltra’s microbial measuring, you can count on:


  • Portability for easy field-use
  • Speed to reduce days into minutes
  • Accurate by counting all cells individually
  • Specificity to detect all organisms

ATS Innova Tackles the Hard Questions

For your most pressing water treatment challenges, contact ATS Innova at 855.215.4600. We are more than happy to sit down and discuss with you, your questions and concerns, and recommend the best water treatments available. Call us for your FREE plant walkthrough today and more information on this exciting microbial monitoring that will give you results accurately and quickly.

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