You need to desludge, and you need better water treatment solutions because you’re running too many backwashes. Your sludge hauls are getting more and more frequent, and hurting your bottom line.

Sludge hauls and backwashes are necessary parts of the water treatment process. So if you can’t cut back you’ll have to figure out how to cut somewhere else, or ask about a fee or tax increase to keep up. But who wants to explain the costs of sludge and backwashes to the average customer?

There’s another option—let the experts at Innova reduce your sludge hauls and limit backwashes, saving your plant money and time.

Reduce Your Sludge Hauling

Are you hauling away two or more truckloads of sludge every day? Do you need to a better desludging process? Is your sludge dewatered enough? Are you running too many backwashes?

Disposing of excess sludge is an environmental challenge for water treatment plants. You already know that handling sludge is expensive. And hauling improperly dewatered sludge is even more costly.

We can reduce your backwash sludge by a factor of three or four, by just using one of our specialty blends. And we can reduce your sludge production by replacing alum or ferric chloride with our custom chemistry.

Managing sludge is a vital part of operating a water treatment plant. And we can help you desludge more efficiently as well as help you with water treatment solutions to reduce backwashes.

Improve Your Desludge Efficiency and See Real Savings

Our sludge-reducing chemistry saves time and the labor costs of hauling and greatly reduces backwashes and time spent cleaning your filtration systems.

A water treatment plant (40 MGD) based in the southwestern U.S. saved more than $1.4 million annually after adding Innova’s custom-blended chemicals and adopting new protocols outlined by Innova’s team of experts.

Let Innova Reduce Your Cost of Hauling Sludge

You don’t need to waste money on expensive sludge hauling and backwashes. Let Innova fix your problems.

We’ll get your treatment plant running more efficiently, while producing less waste and costing less money. We provide results and desired outcomes for water treatment plant managers and the communities they serve.

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