Wastewater treatment facilities in the United States process approximately 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day. Think about the expense that entails. Now think about what you spend annually and whether you’ve been spending more time and money on your wastewater treatment and getting frustrated with the results. But first, let’s break down the challenges preventing you from offering the best wastewater treatment.

Five Biggest Challenges with Treating Sewer Collection Systems and Wastewater Sludge

There are many potential challenges facing waste management. Here are some you might face.


  1. Challenge: Lift station corrosion, solids buildup, and FOG accumulation
  2. Challenge: H2S and odor production in sludge tanks in the digestion and dewatering process
  3. Challenge: Grease trap buildup of FOG, among other things
  4. Challenge: Decreased oxygen, nutrient buildup, clogged filters and aerators and sludge accumulation in ponds and lagoons
  5. Challenge: Increased COD/BOD levels, decreased floc formation, and odor generators including mercaptans, ammonia, and other amines


If your challenges include extra expense and time spent, it could be the products you’re using. You know the famous phrase “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” This applies to waste management on a basic level. If the products and methods used aren’t cutting it, it’s time to reconsider a different method.

In the past, you might have used enzymes or other products to treat wastewater, but with new technology, such as engineered microbial products, better treatment programs become available.

ATS Innova Offers the Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions Available

At ATS Innova, we offer a different method that uses the best wastewater treatment available at the most affordable price. ATS Innova’s MB product line offers practical and affordable solutions, coupled with specific microbiological ingredients – the perfect dream team of wastewater treatment.

For instance, our MB-1000L is a liquid formula ten times more powerful than our Innova MB-100L, formulated with a higher percentage of lipase-generating and biosurfactant Bacillus strains. It’s delivered via a pumping system and used to degrade and continually maintain a wide range of organic materials in lift stations and manhole maintenance, as well as industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater. This saves money and man-hours. With proven performance, you’ll see increased organic conversion rates and capacities in many different wastewater applications.

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