ATS announced a press release yesterday that included the contract signing of a strategic alliance with Canada-based LuminUltra. Together, ATS and LuminUltra can bring smart solutions in real time with monitoring microbes in water and offering the most-effective and affordable products. This powerhouse of smart-based technology gives our customers the needed solutions for wastewater and drinking water treatment.

Kirk Langston, Executive Vice President of ATS, said “Our partnership with LuminUltra will allow water treatment professionals to be in control, and significantly improve their ability to manage risk. There is a huge opportunity for operators to move from methods that previously took days and provided limited intelligence to being able to complete biological identification, so decisions can be made immediately in response to environmental conditions. This will ultimately drive superior water quality performance.”

About LuminUltra

Founded in 2003, LuminUltra has been the global leader in microbial monitoring solutions that deliver real-time feedback on microbiological content. They serve thousands of customers via dozens of sales network partners operating worldwide. With their rapid microbiological test kits, equipment, and analytical software used in wastewater, drinking water, and manufacturing industries. Their testing of microbes takes minutes instead of days or weeks, giving customers the much-needed results quicker.

Director of Strategic Sales Channels, Dave Tracey, said this of the alliance. “ATS Innova offers an excellent combination of quality products and services that complement what we offer at LuminUltra. ATS will expand the reach of our microbial monitoring technologies into key territories and our tools will increase their service capabilities so they can provide maximum value to their customers. It’s the kind of mutually beneficial partnership that we’ve found to be the most successful in our experience.”

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