ATS do Brasil, a subsidiary of ATS and prominent drinking water and wastewater treatment company, is happy to announce winning the water treatment bid with SANASA, a leading treatment company located in Campinas Brazil. Read about the bid in today’s blog post and how ATS Innova is aiding the country in producing safe water treatment solutions for their communities.

ATS Reacts to Winning Water Treatment Bid

ATS do Brasil’s Manager of Operations, Reinaldo Stelzer, oversaw the auction with key members of the team playing a part. In the end, a team member and expert in public auctions won and came under the competitor. “This is our first big sale for Brazil and winning the bid, even coming under competitors’ numbers, was great,” Stelzer said. ATS Brasil began operations in 2017 and given a license to operate in the country this year. To conclude, Stelzer said, “I know where our company will be in a few years and know how this work blesses the lives of many families here in Brazil. This is really true: Stewards of Humanity in all aspects.”

Richard Allred, CEO of ATS, is thrilled with the news. “We are working closely with U.S.P. (Universidade de São Paulo) and developing protocols that are specific to the country of Brazil’s drinking water supply.” Allred first developed his love of Brazil and its people when he served as a missionary in Campinas, Sao Paulo for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and thought it was great that the first sale for ATS do Brasil was in an area in which he served 27 years ago.

ATS Innova Solves Water Treatment Challenges

For the last 40 years, ATS Innova has led the charge in treating water and wastewater treatment facilities.  With our signature product lines of Innova MB LuminUltra, Probiotic Solutions, and AI water treatment solutions, we knock out water treatment challenges before they become a crisis. And with ATS Brazil, we can deliver safe and healthy water to the country. We reduce:


  • Odor issues
  • Taste problems
  • Algae Buildup
  • H2S
  • Phosphate
  • and much more!

Contact ATS Innova™ for Water Treatment Solutions

ATS Innova couples advanced technology with smart water treatment solutions for water treatment facilities. As we expand more into South America with ATS do Brasil, we anticipate being able to serve many communities. Contact us to learn more about our process and products. You can reach us at 855.215.4600 or the Brazil location at 55 (19) 3876.4075.

Read the press release.

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