Algae Outbreak on the Way in 2017

For the past several years algae has begun to grow at records levels, closing beaches, lakes, reservoirs, and all types of public and private waterways. With the influx of rain and snow this year and continuing warmer temperatures, this summer is on track to bring what may be the worst algae outbreak in recent history.

Tens of thousands of species of algae are found nearly everywhere on the earth and are among the fastest reproducing plants in the world. All algae needs for explosive growth is an energy source like the sun, water, sugar, a few inorganic nutrients, and carbon dioxide to grow.

The Reality of Algae

In 2015 algae spores entered the Utah Blackridge Reservoir from runoff, rain, wind, and animals. On August 6th, Herriman city crews investigated the murky body of water and found that three aerators in the bottom of the reservoir had become clogged and were malfunctioning; this resulted in a buildup of algae, causing officials to close the reservoir due to concerns over algae toxins.

Resolving the Algae Outbreak

The city turned to ATS to resolve the algae problem. To get an immediate handle on the algae, ATS applied its highly soluble, low pH algicide/bactericide specifically designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sedimentation basins, irrigation canals, treatment lagoons, and other water systems. This treatment is registered by the U.S. EPA and is certified to NSF Standard 60 as an addition to drinking water.

In addition to the chemistry’s ability to quickly attack and kill algae and bacteria, it also kills zebra and quagga mussels while remaining safe as drinking water and is safe for humans, animals, and fish.

Incredible Results

After the weekend treatment, the reservoir returned to its usual color, and test results showed that toxin levels were now safe. City officials were able to reopen the reservoir that Monday.

The city continues to use ATS to maintain and prevent the reservoir from falling victim to another algae bloom reoccurrence.

Solving the Toughest Water Issues

ATS works with water professionals to help solve some of the toughest clean water issues in America. For over 35 years, ATS has offered a wide variety of proprietary and advanced specialty chemicals which have given public water works, and water treatment plants remarkable results. To learn more call 800.747.9953 or visit ATSInnova.com.

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