PermaTote Improves Your Chemical Experience

  • Never unexpectedly run out of chemistry again.
  • Reduce the risk of hazardous and costly chemical spills.
  • Stackable totes use less floor space.
  • Sturdy construction assures durability throughout the years.
  • Quick connect feature allow for fast tote replacement.
  • Tilt option provides complete drainage of upper tote.
  • Optional berm protects from unforeseen spills.
  • Cold weather blankets keep chemistry protected and flowing.

You might qualify for a free PermaTote system. Seriously.

The Complete System

The complete PermaTote System includes the stackable PermaTote frame with the quick release connections and hoses, the tilt feature for complete chemistry drainage, and the fail-safe berm that protects the environment from unforeseen chemical incidents. PermaTote is unlike any other chemical delivery system on the market. Its proprietary, gravity-fed drainage process eliminates any need for electrical pumps, while doubling your chemical capacity without a tote exchange.

Stackable Configuration

The PermaTote has a 330-gallon capacity equivalent to up to six 55-gallon drums. This permanently stationary, stackable configuration minimizes inventory storage (uses less floor space) and ensures you always have a full tote.

Optional Berm

Provides the ultimate safety against dangerous and costly chemical spills. A must for your most toxic chemicals, this berm can safely contain even the largest spills, including catastrophic tote failure. This environmentally safe berm brings total corporate peace of mind.

Increased Savings

Tote pricing is usually less expensive than drum pricing. When combined with the reduced handling and labor costs of using totes, PermaTote can result in tangible savings.

Tote Tilt Option

The PermaTote tilt option allows you to completely drain the upper tote of all of its chemistry. Once fully drained into the lower tote, the upper tote is ready for a filled replacement.

Easy Fill

PermaTote’s gravity-fed transfer system includes hose and quick connect fittings for seamless top-to-bottom chemical transfer.

Safer Storage

PermaTote is a no mess, no spills, no fuss system. Depending on the chemistry stored, PermaTote helps protect from hazardous spills and costly cleanup.

Sturdy Construction
PermaTote is designed to accept most standard chemical totes and offers placard frames and an SDS pocket. Its steel-plated construction is designed for strength and durability for both indoor and outdoor storage and it can accommodate most hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.
Quick Connect

The quick connect system between totes allows for fast disconnection and reconnection to a full top tote without interrupting chemistry flow.

Easy to Use Tilt Lever

The tilt lever is easily engaged when an nearly empty tote is ready for draining. The lift arm swings into place and locks, keeping the upper tote tilted until it has completely drained into the bottom tote.

Cold Weather Option
If your chemistry is susceptible to cold temperatures, PermaTote offers electric heat blankets to maintain proper chemistry temperatures.

Let’s Talk.

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