ATS Innova conducted an on-site treatment test at a water treatment plant in Arizona using EarthTec®, a specialized algae response system that is safe for use in treating water used by fish, animals, and humans, including drinking water.

Algae Response System Test

The test ran for 40 days, beginning in late August with the goal of reducing total trihalomethanes as well as algae growth. The majority of the raw water source came from the Verde River and changed to the Salt River about five days before the test ended; this is important to note because the water from the Verde River is much more challenging to treat than the Salt, essentially providing worst-case conditions for the test.

Positive Results & Added Benefits

Even with the challenging water, EarthTec was up to the task. It was able to bring Trihalomethanes to the right levels, as well as remove the algae growth on the basins.

Further benefits to the plant from the easy-to-manage EarthTec treatment system included a reduction in acid feed from 20 to 10 ppm and zero added expense for capital equipment and engineering.

Upon completion of the test, the crew at the plant happily stated, “EarthTec gave us superior results—saving us $4,000 a day.”

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