You’re doing your best to decrease the disinfection by-products (DBPs) in your water, because you need to meet the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements and, of course, you don’t want your consumers unnecessarily exposed to substances that could cause cancer or pregnancy complications. But you still need to disinfect the water to make it safe, control its the taste and odor, keep mussels out of your system, and control algae, so you’ve switched to chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

But is chlorine dioxide any better than sodium hypochlorite (chlorine)?

At Innova, we have a better alternative. We offer water-treatment solutions that greatly reduce the use of chlorine-related disinfectants, lowering the total organic carbons and giving you significant reductions in trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids.

What’s Wrong with Chlorine Dioxide?

ClO2 definitely has advantages over chlorine, but its expense and disadvantages make it a poor alternative to our chemistry.

Sure, chlorine dioxide is more effective than sodium hypochlorite against microorganisms. And in some cases it’s a more effective treatment than chlorine for taste and odor problems. Plus, it produces fewer TTHMs and HAA5s.

So what’s the issue? Chlorine dioxide forms different disinfectant by-products, including chlorite and chlorate. You need to monitor for chlorite and ClO2 daily. You need people with more technical skills to use it. And the equipment and chemicals associated with chlorine dioxide cost more than chlorine and its equipment. The operating costs of a chlorine dioxide system also are higher.

On-Site Safety Risks

There are safety risks with chlorine dioxide, too. Because it’s an unstable compound, it’s got to be generated on-site, and it’s explosive in air at concentrations above 10 percent. After being generated in an aqueous solution, it can only be stored for up to seven days. And it decomposes when it’s exposed to sunlight.

Chlorine dioxide has some advantages of over chlorine systems, but Innova’s specialty chemistry is a better choice.

Why Innova?

Our new technology removes the expense and hazard of pre-chlorination.

When you choose Innova, we’ll evaluate your system and give you the best plan for a smooth-running, cost-effective, safe water system. Our flagship product, EarthTec, will solve any taste and odor problems, kills mussels, keeps algae at bay and make your water safer.

Our water treatment solutions are cost effective and will greatly reduce your use of chlorine-related disinfectants, so you get significant reductions in dangerous DBPs and much safer water for your consumers.

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