When it comes to water treatment, there are many chemicals and minerals put into products used into our water, which may or may not harm aquatic life. One of these is the chemical, copper sulfate. Once dumped into the water, copper sulfate crystals sink and settle to the bottom, which wastes much of it and endangers aquatic and other wildlife; it’s also labor intensive with applying it properly. Copper sulfate loading is a huge issue; learn how to effectively reduce it and save on costs and application.

Environmentally safe, EarthTec is 99.9 percent biologically active and contains copper ion which is designed for canals, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and other water system usage. Best, it’s safe for humans, fish, and wildlife – and safe for drinking water. In fact, with our unique chemistry, we can kill more than 70 percent on invasive mussels in just one application! Follow-Up treatment is sure to get them all.

For instance, we treated two reservoirs in North Carolina. Algae, TOC reduction, and manganese all improved. In Tampa Florida, EarthTec reduced geosmin from 900 ng/L to less than 30 ng/L within a day of our copper-reducing water treatment – a massive reduction!

Copper-reducing water treatment

EarthTec’s Additional Benefits

In addition to copper-reducing water treatment, EarthTec does so much more, such as:

  • Reduce odor
  • Improve taste
  • Control algae
  • Eliminate zebra mussels
  • Effective pipeline and pumping

We monitor your blue-green algae levels, so they never reach uncontrollable states, and so we can detect any problems before they start.

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the jar. With jar testing, we could see a significant difference when we disperse EarthTec in water with mussels. Remarkably, they never detect it as a threat, so eagerly ingest it. Within a 48-96-hour window, the product results in total mortality.

When you start seeing results so quickly and with less product, you start seeing savings. In Arizona, we saved a water treatment plant upwards of $1.4 million yearly with our chemistry and protocols. A Texas plant saved $1, 250 per day.

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