Many issues result from taste, odor, algae events, and more. When it hits a water district, it creates a ripple effect that spreads throughout the community. A northern California district dealt with algae and taste and odor issues in two water treatment plants. In a case study done in 2017 and 2018, a regional manager for ATS approached the water district about using EarthTec to help mitigate the problem.  Learn about the EarthTec trial results from today’s blog post and check out the press release.

The Problem with Cheap, Low Performance Chemicals

A northern California water district dealt with customer complaints about taste and odor, which is an all-too common issue. However, to save on costs, many facilities rely on cheap chemicals that just aren’t up to the task. Managers start dosing more of the same chemicals, thinking that will solve the problem and then scratch their head in wonder about why it’s not working.  More complaints come in and more money is spent trying to eradicate the problem. The issue keeps occurring because the proper treatment wasn’t used.

Kirk Langston, the executive vice president of sales at ATS, said “The real story here is the plant management teams involved in trialing EarthTec at their plants. So many plants are pressured into adopting cheap, low-performance chemicals, ignorantly thinking it is saving them money. The plant managers in this project are a great example of understanding it is more about the total cost-of-use than it is about cost-per-pound or cost-per-gallon when selecting which chemicals to standardize on.”

EarthTec Trial Results

In September 2017 and in spring 2018, ATS Innova treated the two northern California water treatment plants with highly successful results. There was a 71-91 percent reduction in geosmin, which is related to taste and odor events. Regarding phytoplankton, a reduction of 77 percent and a 96 percent removal of blue-green algae was observed – a remarkable improvement.

Robert Noble, a regional manager at ATS Innova, remarked most plants see a positive ripple effect across their plants once we introduce EarthTec into their treatment process. “Bottom line is we don’t have any unhappy EarthTec customers. Those who use it see compounding benefits across the entire plant.”

Call ATS Innova for EarthTec

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Read the press release.

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